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Whole Approach Initiatives for Schools (WISH)


Obesity is on the rise with more than a third of UK children classed as overweight/obese. Prevention is critical to avoid related health problems such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which are being Boy Bakingseen at increasingly early ages.  Our team of experts work hard to improve childhood nutrition, change school food cultures, reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and raise awareness and knowledge of allergies/special dietary requirements.

We are convinced that learning about healthy eating in schools can play a significant role in tackling childhood obesity and other dietary-related diseases.

Our aims are to:

  • Reduce the BMI of obese children to a healthy range
  • Help children to develop sustainable dietary modifications
  • Increase levels of regular physical activity in children through small yet significant incremental changes
  • To encourage support from the wider family to ensure continuity and adherence at home
  • Raise the understanding of food allergies to reduce prejudice, stigma or bullying
  • Prevent the risk of adverse food reactions in school


We successfully work in partnership with Healthy Eating Solutions to offer Whole-approach Initiatives for ScHools (WISH).  Our programme offers pupils and their families the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to cook, grow and enjoy nutritious and affordable food.

Project WISH offers a wide range of new innovating activities and workshops that pupils and their families thoroughly enjoy.  The project helps schools teach pupils important skills for leading happy, healthy lifestyles and shows them just how fun it can be!

Smoothbike wish pic Activities and Workshops:12794463_997825050297077_4193775502258266313_n

Family Cooking Session

Smoothie Bike

Cook and Eat

Eat Well Guide

Cooking involving Exercise or Music

              Allergy AwarenessOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

          Allergy Compliance        10399150_987438141335768_7205439227496937420_n

     Growing Foods    

  Nutritional Advice


Meet our team:

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Please contact the team for full details of our programme info@food-freedom.co.uk and download the Whole Approach Initiatives for Schools (WISH) – Poster