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Food Freedom are working to promote freedom of choice, freedom from risk and freedom from prejudice.

1-education We do this through educational workshops for children and training sessions for kitchen staff. The educational workshops to school children are delivered in a fun way to help them understand and develop awareness of food allergies and intolerance. For the school the workshops will:

  • Raise the understanding of food allergies and intolerance to reduce prejudice, stigma or bullying
  • Prevent the risk of adverse food reactions in school
  • Reduce related pupil absence
  • Improve education through classroom awareness-raising

The training sessions for kitchen staff will ensure high-quality expertise and encourage them to be able to cater for all children with special dietary requirements. For the school the training will:

  • Reduce risk of adverse food-related reactions – giving peace of mind
  • Give a real understanding of food allergies and intolerance
  • Lead to better pupil behaviour through appropriate diets
  • Provide post-training support for follow-up queries or issues


Please find further information on the main 14 allergens here:
14 Allergens Poster

Nicky Karamanli Netherfield Primary School




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