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EU Law

The EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC) is a piece of European Legislation, which brings together general food labelling requirements including the 14 Allergensprovision of allergen information.

The legislation resulted from an EU wide review of both general food and nutrition labelling, which brought several pieces of regulation together into a single framework to simplify and consolidate existing labelling legislation.

Food Business Operators will be expected to provide information on the presence of allergenic ingredients in food to help allergic consumers to make safe food choices. If they fail to declare the presence of allergens they will be in breach of the regulation and subject to enforcement actions.

In the UK, the Local Authority trading standards officers have responsibility for the enforcement of allergen legislations at food businesses.

This legislation must be complied with by any food business providing non pre-packed foods as of 13th December 2014.

Food Freedom training will ensure you are fully compliant with this legislation, which if followed correctly will prevent prosecution and unlimited fines issued.

Please find further information on the main 14 allergens here: 14 Allergens Poster

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