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Putting new allergen laws into practise? Sorted!

The rise of food allergies means there is now a considerable number of individuals who have to make careful decisions when it comes to where to eat. There have been some measures put in place to cater for these customers, but inconsistency across different establishments means there is still an estimated £1m per year being missed out by food businesses – and that’s just for gluten-free products.

RestaurantIt’s not only customers suffering with allergies that may have to turn away from dining at a particular restaurant if their requirements can’t be met – the friends they are eating out with will also choose a location that suits the entire group to ensure a pleasant experience. It’s not just one customer that could be missed out, but a whole crowd of acquaintances. And with the increase in the prevalence of food allergies, the majority of people will know at least one person who has a form of dietary intolerance.

If the financial incentive to make your business allergy-friendly and attract an entire new customer base isn’t enough, there’s also the case of the legal requirements that will soon be expected of all establishments providing food. All staff will be required to provide information when necessary to customers concerning the presence of allergens. Failure to do so will result in enforcement action.

But there’s no need to worry – Food Freedom can provide all the necessary training to ensure you meet the EU law changes from 13th December and are able to attract customers regardless of their dietary needs. All of our training sessions and consultancies are completely tailored to your restaurant, hotel, pub or cafe, so you’ll receive everything you need from us – it couldn’t get more convenient and easy than that.

KitchenA bespoke course with Food Freedom incorporates professional expertise alongside personal experience of what it’s like to be the customer to give you effective training in catering for customers with food allergies. All aspects will be covered, including providing allergen information, food preparation and delivering fantastic customer service.

Plus it doesn’t end there, as all training comes with follow up support so you can continue to be safe in the knowledge that you are providing the best service for your customers.

So if you want to get on top of things with the new legalisation and ahead of the game with outreach to customers, Food Freedom can provide you with a great marketing opportunity alongside peace of mind for you and your customers.

Why wait until the December rush? Contact us at info@food-freedom.co.uk and we can discuss your bespoke training.

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