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Food allergies plus school doesn’t have to equal a disaster

From getting a child to put their shoes on in time to leave in the morning, to trying to get them to pay attention in lessons, school can be challenging enough for parents and teachers alike. The same goes for children themselves; from making sure they’re getting on with their friends to staying up to date with the latest crazes, school isn’t just about spelling tests and mastering long division. Having a food allergy makes it all the more difficult.untitled (3)

Having a food allergy is tough for most adults to cope with. For children it can potentially lead to bullying and isolation because of peers who haven’t been taught about allergies, and countless days off sick due to their carers not fully understanding their needs. Yet with simple training and education this doesn’t have to be the case.

This is where Food Freedom comes in – providing the knowledge for both children and school staff that can give children with special dietary needs as much choice as everyone else, and improving diet-related adverse behaviour so teachers have a little less stress in their day (you’re still on your own with the spelling though I’m afraid).

Nicky, the founder of Food Freedom, knows all too well how challenging it can be to care for children with food allergies and intolerance after both of her children were diagnosed with multiple food intolerance and allergies at young ages. Combining this experience with her expertise has led to a training-focused service delivered in an approachable, understanding manner that is relevant to actual school issues.

Children can benefit from workshops tailored towards raising awareness and increasing understanding of food allergies and intolerance. This will create a more positive environment through the reduction of prejudice, stigma and bullying and give every child the chance to thrive.

Training for kitchen staff is also available to provide the ability to cater for each child’s requirements. Find out how to prevent the risk of adverse food reactions and minimise food allergy-related absences – peace of mind for everyone. There really is a benefit for all from enrolling in a Food Freedom package.

Busy deciding how to make the new school year better than the last one? Putting Food Freedom into the equation will improve the school experience for both pupils and staff, and put your school ahead.untitled (2)


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