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Are you aware of the forthcoming legislation?

Currently only packaged foods are required to show complete information regarding the presence of allergens in the product. When eating out there is no requirement to provide this information and trust must be put into catering staff to ensure the food is allergen free. In a notoriously busy industry where staff are juggling a dozen different requests at a time it’s inevitable that mistakes will be made, particularly while there is no regulation or support in place.


From the 13th December 2014 this all changes.

All establishments serving food will be required to provide information on the 14 allergens if they are included as ingredients in the prepared product. This can either be through writing e.g. added to the menu or presented on a board; or through being verbally informed by a member of staff. When information is not provided upfront, it must be clear where it can be obtained. Regardless of the manner in which the information is given to customers, it is likely that staff will need to receive extra training to ensure these measures are satisfactorily in place.

What are the 14 allergens that are included in this new legislation?

14 Allergens

Businesses will no longer be able to say they are unsure if an allergen is present, or state that all foods ‘could’ contain allergens – specific information must be provided and backed up in writing when necessary.

Getting up to date with the new laws are nothing to worry about – Food Freedom provide all the training necessary to ensure staff are knowledgeable when serving individuals with food allergies, putting both businesses and their customers at ease.

Contact us at info@food-freedom.co.uk to book your bespoke course and be prepared in time for December.

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