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Food allergies and eating out ..

Can you imagine every time my kids want to eat something I have to know or read the ingredients! Every time I want to take them out to eat I need to ring the restaurant first to check they can cater for their needs.

Even if they say they can, it isn’t always correct. More often than not the food has been prepared with something they can’t eat.  This is why I very rarely take my children out to eat.  I can’t take the risk of them becoming ill.

Even their friends’ birthday parties can be a nightmare. I have to find out what food the other children will be having and try to match up as best I can with the food my children can have, so they don’t feel left out or different.

Food Freedom is designed to solve these problems.  We educate and train food businesses to stop this happening.  Not only do we provide them with training to prevent the risk of cross contamination and mistakes, we increase allergen knowledge and ensure they have a real understanding of the illness which altogether creates great customer service.

Do you have a favourite restaurant, play area or any other type of business you would love to be able to eat at but they can’t cater for your needs? Or is it your children’s dietary needs they can’t cater for? If you would like to see changes please drop me an email with all the information nicky@food-freedom.co.uk and I will do my best to get them trained up!

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