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Food Freedom, from the beginning …

You may be wondering why I started Food Freedom? Where did the idea come from?  Well both my children have multiple food intolerance and allergies.  My daughter was extremely ill for quite some time.  It took 10 visits to the doctors over several months to finally be asked to try cutting wheat and gluten out of her diet.  On the seventh morning when she woke up after cutting wheat and gluten out of her diet she was like a different child, in fact I hardly recognised her.  Her body was less than half the size it was the night before, she actually looked well, her face was shining brightly.  I will never forget that moment of seeing her for the first time.  She had bundles of energy and was happy.  Unfortunately a few months later she became even more ill then before she constantly had headache, her body was swollen again, she had no energy at all and pretty much struggled in everyday life.  It was heart breaking.  After endless research I cut dairy out of her diet and once again the effects were astounding she was back to a healthy, happy, full of energy girl again.

My son started to show all the signs and symptoms like my daughter had in the beginning, so I immediately cut wheat and gluten out his diet and all his symptoms disappeared.  Several months later he started having reactions to dairy also so after cutting this out his diet he has been fine.

Over the years my daughter has developed further intolerance to egg and tomato and is currently having tests for other foods as she is showing signs again that food is affecting her and her body.

It has been a long, hard journey for us all and a massive learning experience.  For many years I have sat researching throughout the night once the kids have gone to bed.

We have had such nightmares every time I have tried to take my children out to eat, that we just avoid it now which is a real shame.  All my children want is to be like their friends and not be different.

I have seen how my children feel and how ill they get, that I wanted to make change and a difference for their future and for everyone else out there like them.  There is no reason at all why food businesses and schools can’t cater for these special dietary needs.  All they need is educating and training……and this is where Food Freedom begins!!

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