Food Freedom is a company with a social mission which offers real commercial benefit. We draw on personal experience and expertise to provide specially-tailored education and training about food intolerance and allergies.

For schools, this can eliminate classroom prejudice, improve behaviour, reduce absence – and so improve learning.

For food businesses such as restaurants, we reduce risk, ensure legal compliance, help provide great customer service – and so create a real competitive advantage.

Our professional but friendly approach makes learning about this important subject easy – and we’re only a phone call away.

We’re working to create a world where people can live a normal life, even if their sensitivity to certain foods is a danger to their health – where they are free to choose where they eat, where they feel free from risk and free from stigma.

We’re called Food Freedom for a reason.

Food Businesses

Do you need help to understand and cater for special dietary requirements correctly?

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EU Law

Are you ready for the new allergen labelling EU Legislation?

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Does your school have the awareness to help and cater for children with allergies and intolerance?

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Education - raising understanding about food intolerance and allergies

Expertise - professional training and support

Experience - directly informed by personal knowledge of the issues

Empowerment - improving the quality of life for people with special dietary needs

Equality - removing stigma and promoting freedom of choice

Economy - contributing to the success of food businesses

Easy - a high-quality bespoke 'one stop shop' service

Food Freedom and Biteappy are coming together to help restaurant owners get it right! Are you looking for allergy friendly restaurants?

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